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Web Maintenance

By far the most common mistake that companies and Associations make with their web sites is to neglect to keep the site updated. The task of keeping it updated is generally fobbed off onto an administrative staff member. Over time the site becomes out of date, links become corrupted and poorly executed updates destroy the site's professional look.

Our maintenance programs ensures that your site remains a dynamic and powerful marketing tool by:

  • Instigating changes, updates and revisions - normally the same day.
  • Routinely checking links and style.
  • Updating keywords (the words used by the search engines).
  • Adding or deleting pages, images or text as required.
  • Post press releases and other company news items.
  • Updating graphic elements to match the rest of the site.

Web maintenance programs begin at around $100 a month, but may be more or less depending on your requirements.

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