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Site Design

Stansfeld & Fairbrother has been designing web sites for approximately six years. We use a combination of high-end graphics programs, scanning equipment, web design tools, and advanced scripting to both design and revamp sites that are affordable, effective and graphically pleasing.

Sites are then tested across different platforms and screen resolutions to ensure that they work equally well on the latest pentium computers as earlier model computers and smaller, lower resolution monitors.

A variety of interactive tools will be incorporated into the site, again depending on your requirements, including forms, interactive forms, e-commerce, database links, search buttons, counters, automatic e-mail responses, bulletin boards, chatrooms, etc.

We DO NOT use any template or "off-the-shelf" designs. This ensures that every site is both unique and fully customized to your specific requirements.

All sites are developed "live." We will be provided with a unique link which will allow you to monitor your site's development from your own computer. Only when we have your full approval of the final site will it go "public".


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