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If your web site is not meeting your marketing or communications objectives, it may have inherent problems that are putting browsers off. Your site should be informative, easy to navigate and interesting to your browsers. If it is not, then it is not doing the job it should be.

Let us provide you with a full and critical review of your site. The review will include, but will not be limited to:

  • An analysis of the overall design, speed of loading and browser compatibility.
  • The site's effectiveness in communicating your message.
  • Review of the Graphics - loading speed, clarity, usage and relevance.
  • Critical review of the text. Does it appeal to your customers/browsers or is it downright boring?
  • Site compatibility across different browser platforms and screen resolutions.
  • Navigation review - how easy can the browser find what he/she is looking for?
  • Technical issues: broken links, type inconsistencies, grammatical errors, missing images.
  • Coding issues: missed or omitted keywords, bad or corrupted coding, broken e-mail and URL links.

The review will include a detailed recommendation on how to "fix" the site to increase visits, visibility and effectiveness, as well as an estimate on our fees for upgrading the site.

Site reviews are $250.00. However, if after receiving your review, you commission us to upgrade your site, we will rebate you the $250 review fee.

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