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Media Services

Advertising is expensive! So before you purchase advertising space - whether electronic or print - you should be confident that you are placing your ad in the "right" media.

Media plans include:

  • Outline of the specific goals that you can expect to achieve with your advertising.
  • Definition of your primarily and secondary target audiences.
  • Identification of electronic or print media reaching your specific market segment.
  • A quantitative analysis of the most suitable media opportunities, including cost-per-thousand reach or target audience analysis, message frequency, duplication frequency, etc.
  • Cost comparisons across different media.
  • Electronic media content or print content analysis, audience, reach, philosophy and market position.

Media placement

  • Better ad positioning
  • Better contract rate negotiation
  • Greater editorial support
  • No missed deadlines!
  • Inclusion in free ad surveys, "bingo" (response) cards, etc.

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