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If you are selling items through the Internet on an ongoing basis, e.commerce can greatly enhance your revenues. But setting up e.commerce can be an executive nightmare.

Let us handle the headaches! We'll set up your ecommerce to be as extensive or as contained as you require: Our services include:

  • Establishing your ecommerce account with a merchant bank, and ensuring that the required links are established with your current bank, the major credit card companies and the electronic gateway.
  • Select and recommend e.commerce vendor services which are affordable and realistic for the level of ecommerce you expect to do. (In other words, we will ensure that you do not end up paying for a system which is not cost-effective for the volume of transactions you expect to do.)
  • Set up an easy-to-use shopping cart on your web site, with help capabilties for browsers and a secure payment link.
  • Set up an effective online sales reporting system that can be easily monitored by your staff with just a password.
  • Set up and link in your product database, (including product images).
  • Provide immediate email confirmations to customers and to your staff whenever a transaction is made.
  • Set up easy-to-use maintenance and produce update interfaces so that your staff can make price adjustments, change products or services, add or delete images, etc., online with a mimimal amount of training.
  • Manage and maintain your ecommerce site for you or provide training for your staff.

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