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Biographies - Business and Personal

If you or your family have an interesting story, don't let it be lost. As our grandparents and parents die, essential details of our family's history, origins, struggles, achievements and lineage are often lost - forever.

As published biographers, Stansfeld & Fairbrother will write and publish your family or business history. Biographies, which generally range from 30 to 150 pages in length, can include as much or as little details as you wish. Whenever possible, we will include photographs, family trees, historical references, and personal antidotes.

Information for the biography is obtained through recorded interviews, analysis of existing records, letters, company information, etc. (The more information you can give us, the better!) We will then use historical facts as well as national and international references to make the account interesting by giving the story historical context and authority.

Biographies typically take about six months to complete. After conducting the initial interviews and assimilating the information, you will receive an outline of biography. An initial chapter will then be written for your approval of the style and narration. On approval of this initial chapter, the complete biography will be written.

If you have a story you wish to record for posterity, please call for an no-obligation quote, or complete our online form.

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