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Advertising Campaigns

Whether you are a business looking for stronger name awareness, a conference looking to attract attendees or a manufacturer wishing to increase market share, an integrated advertising program can reach your target market. The most effective advertising programs use an integrated media approach to build company awareness and name recognition, reaching your target audience with a consistent, and repeated message.

Multimedia, multifaceted advertising campaigns, designed to address specific goals, targeted to predefined target audiences and carefully planned to adhere your budget, can help place you ahead of your competition, or increase your market share.

In developing campaigns, we will examine all the advertising options available - including electronic media, the Internet, print, collateral material, direct mail, publicity, trade shows, etc. We will then develop a campaign that uses the most cost-effective combination of media options, compatible graphics and targeted text to strongly and consistently achieve predetermined objectives.

Shown right: Not every campaign has to include six-color print material, and a six-figure budget. The most effective campaigns achieve the advertiser's objective and generate a return far in excess of the advertising budget. For the Annual Dynamic Positioning Conference, expenditure is kept realistic by ensuring that only about 12% of each attendee's registration fee is used for advertising purposes and conference materials.

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